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Clear Urethane Paint Protection (Chip) Film

    Protect the vulnerable places on your Car, Truck or SUV with Clear Bra Urethane Chip Paint Protection Film.  We use both 3M and Sharpline's Durashield Plus Surface / Paint Protection Film urethane depending on the need.  Both films provide excellent protection from rocks and scratches encountered from the evils of the road and both films have a 5 year warranty. Virtually invisible, this film will keep your vehicles paint in the best shape possible.

We are 3M Certified PPF installers.

    We proudly use "Film Designs" pattern software to pre-cut your pieces for the best fit and cleanest cuts.  We can also custom fit pieces from roll stock to provide the greatest amount of protection, in the fewest amount of pieces.  Where possible we wrap edges to provide greater protection and less visibility.  Although mainly used for front end protection, this film may be used in other areas to provide scratch and chip protection.

  •  Hood kit / Consist of hood, fender and mirror pieces (if applicable).  This provides protection to your hard background areas most vulnerable to damage.

  •  Bumper kit / Consist of one or more pieces that protect your soft background areas that still may be damaged due to design or driving conditions and style.

  •  Rockers, pillar post, wheel wells and rear bumpers are other areas that can be protected with this film.

  •  Thicker headlight / driving light film is also available to protect your illuminators from both physical and UV damage.   

    Most Hood kits with install range from $150 to $300 depending on hood size, design and curve.

    Most Bumper kits with install range from $250 to $450 depending on bumper size, design and curve.

    Prevent those nasty chips in your front end today.  Keep your car looking new and keep your vehicles value up by preventing debris and rock damage.

    Call 520-578-1790 for an appointment or for more info.

Purchase pre-made urethane kits / shapes to protect your ride.

   Are you in the Tucson area and want a DIY (Do It Yourself) 3M Paint Protection Film kit? We will match any online or local authorized 3M dealer's price for the same kit (same or similar pattern/sq footage). Bring in you car so we can verify all vehicle options/shape and we will custom cut you your own kit. No shipping or handling, no hoping it's the right one and most importantly the personal service and answers you don't get online.  Don't feel comfortable installing the kit yourself? We can help you out there too. We are 3M certified installers with over 25 years combined experience.

Door handle recessed inserts. Clover, ovals or rounds available. (Clover shape helps cover more area in a curved area.)

Come in pairs. All shapes available in two sizes.

Door Edge Guards. 1"X24" strips to protect you door edges.

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